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Meeting a married man for drinks

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Michael , 29, part-time IT manager, married for two-and-a-half years, with a month-old son. Justin , 45, lawyer, married for 12 years to his second wife, though they live apart - his wife lives with her sister. He has one child, now 21, from his first marriage. Russell , 43, marketing executive, married for 16 years, with three children.

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Married men behaving badly

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GoldenGoddess Posts: Forum Member. If your single and you have met a man and hes married would it be acceptable to go out for a drink with him without his wife as friends?

It goes without saying. Chizzleface Posts: 8, Forum Member. If it is purely as just friends, then yes. If you have intentions of trying to persuade him to leave his wife, then I think you should leave well alone and look for someone who is genuinely single instead. Yuffie Posts: 9, Forum Member. In theory its fine. Two friends going for a drink, wheres the problem?? So long as that's it and nothing more! Cummon, you already know the answer to this and you know what the replies will be!

Aneechik Posts: 20, Forum Member. Obviously he's after a shag, so no. Sassernach Posts: 1, Forum Member. Why not If it's all so innocent and just as friends then there is no reason for it to be kept secret from his wife is there. I take it she will know nothing about it?

If you was the wife, do you think it would be OK. Your answer should answer your own question. Little-Ian Posts: Forum Member. Are you planning on raping him? Yes, I think I would. Mongodude Posts: 6, Forum Member. Talullahmay Posts: 5, Forum Member.

Ask for his telephone number and call his wife to ask her? This isnt advice for me.. When I was 16 I met a guy called David and he told gave me a short list of gay rules and they were 1 avoid married men. I can't say I have kept to either of them. Married men don't tend to tell unless you see their wedding band and bisexuals are everywhere. Dolls Posts: 3, Forum Member. Glomper Posts: 3, Forum Member.

Dont do it OP. Smokeychan1 Posts: 10, Forum Member. Bathsheba Posts: 6, Forum Member. Been there, done that, it won't end well. Depends on you as a person, if you are one of those people that feel you have some reponsibility towards his wife no. If however you think you do not have any responsibility towards her and that it is up to him what he does, then go for it I guess. Just be careful as it could turn nasty for you and get messy, is he really worth it?

Done it dozens of times.. I worked in an industry and at a level was male dominated. Did anything dodgy ever happen? Mrs de Winter Posts: 2, Forum Member. For most people I would say it is fine, but GG you have to be kidding to be even thinking about it. What about a married woman going out for a drink with a married man who is a friend?

The Spoon Posts: 7, Forum Member. Depends on the context. The OP says "met a man" not "my male friend" so that to me says it is not appropriote. Sign In or Register to comment.

I Had an Affair With a Married Man—and We Never Even Kissed

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Check out the video above and learn how you can catch a cheating partner with Oprah Winfrey regular, private eye Tony DeLorezno It was State of Origin night when I first noticed something sinister going on. At the bar, I noticed there were groups of guys buying groups of women drinks in droves. Oh no.

Going for a drink with a married man?

He was married. I was single. We had an affair—and we never even kissed. It was a yearlong emotional affair, a nightmare where everybody cries and nobody comes. When I started talking to Josh not his real name , I was getting over a five-month bout of bronchitis that often kept me wheezing and crying. I lived alone and worked from my small studio apartment. Conference calls for work left me breathless and embarrassed about my periodic hacking fits. As my physical health suffered and I worked in relative isolation, my mental health took a nosedive. This was no surprise, as I have a history of depression, panic attacks, and agoraphobia.

Inside the mind of the married man

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Baca ulasan lengkap. Linda Waite is a well known sociologist who studies issues of marriage, family, and health.





Jun 20, - As we've since discovered, he didn't actually meet any of these women One woman (who witnessed the married man buying us drinks on the.








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