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Get off woman meaning

To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In Definition of get off with someone British , informal : to have sex with someone : to begin a sexual relationship with someone She found out he'd gotten off with another woman. Accessed 16 May. Comments on get off with someone What made you want to look up get off with someone? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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15 words that have a different meaning in Scotland

Top definition. Originated in Detroit , Michigan. Phrase is used when one is having fun or feeling oneself. John: Man you saw the videos from last night at Diamonds? Steve: Hell yeah man, we was getting off! Tom: You saw DBrown's ig post flaming Peezy? Jack: Yea he's been getting off lately since he got 10k followers. British slang for making out , kissing, or just generally heavy petting.

She was getting off with Rob! She's so dirty. Getting off unknown. Originated in southeast San Diego. This phrase is used when one is repeatedly doing very well in a certain area. When you're out doing your peers, you would say, "Oh, I'm getting off on this shit. Davon :"Man is you getting off? Getting Off unknown. Also: Bail , Shoot the Craw , Shoot me boots. Macrohard King's Cup Huddy gang Snail Trailing Greek Women Akaashi Keiji Fine female Friday Keyboard Warrior Trinitario Alphabetical list Getting my Yipes on Getting Nae Naed Getting Nailed to the Cross Getting Nargied Getting Neck getting necked getting neighbored getting new carpet Getting Nice getting nicked getting nintendo getting nothing Getting numb Getting Nvidia'd Getting Odenwellered getting off Getting off at Fratton getting off at jolimont Getting off at Paisley getting off my tits getting off of E getting off on those healthy gums Getting off Scott-free getting old getting on getting on a niggas kufi getting one's freak on Getting on it getting on my nerves Getting on my shit.

Definition of get off

Last edited on Oct 12 Submitted by Indie C. Did you get off? See more words with the same meaning: to climax, 'come'.

Top definition. Originated in Detroit , Michigan. Phrase is used when one is having fun or feeling oneself.

I was trying to put off the moment when I would have to leave. He was glad to have an excuse to put off telling her the news. He was determined not to be put off his stroke by her presence. Lack of parking space was putting potential customers off.

Hildreth Y. Grossman , Nia Lane Chester. In the past, social scientists have relied predominantly on traditional models of work to understand women's experiences. These models, however, have been based on men's occupational experiences, which have been assumed to be the same for women. More recently, researchers and theorists from a variety of disciplines have begun to challenge earlier assumptions as inaccurate reflections of the realities for female workers. Newer studies have concentrated on the historical and social reasons for women's employment and career choices, including changes in economy, family, and social conditions. To provide a deeper understanding of women worker's realities by including the meaning they make of their work experiences, the editors have assembled the research of social scientists from various disciplines whose investigations focused exclusively on this subject.

Top definition. To orgasm. To enjoy tremendously. Excuse me , but I have to go get off. Get off unknown.

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The word cunt is an extremely vulgar slang word for female genitals or a woman in general. Outside the U. Cunt is one of the most offensive and hateful words in the English language.

Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Government to reveal 'phasing' of easing lockdown restrictions next week. Hen - To most of the world, a hen is a female chicken, but in Scots the word is used to mean a woman or girl. Pudding - A cake or other dessert? Nope in Scots this word is also used to describe a certain type of sausage, such as black pudding or white pudding.



What does get off mean? get off is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Escape a punishment; be acquitted., Go to sleep, especially after.








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