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Bloomsbury Publishing Amazon. Sara B. Marcketti , Elena E. From sweatshops to fur farming, from polluting chemicals to painful garments, the fashion industry is associated with activities which have had devastating effects on workers, consumers, and the natural world. This ground-breaking volume provides a framework for examining the ethical, social, and environmental dangers that arise as fashion products are designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold within retail outlets, before being consumed and disposed of.

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Does GMD have a shop to visit? No, we are purely an online rental boutique and we don't have a physical location where you can come and try on dresses. All products are delivered to you. When do I place my order?

There is no specific time in which you have to place your order before your event. If could be 3 months before, or 3 days. Of course, the sooner you order the higher the chance that your favourite dresses will be available for your event date, but don't worry if you do it last miniute, we send all dresses using a Next Day delivery service. How long can I borrow a dress for? On the website you select the option to borrow each dress for either 2 nights or 7 nights. But if you want to hang onto it for longer because you need time to accessorize, or perhaps you are going on holiday, that is no problem!

Just email us at enquiries girlmeetsdress. Can I try on the dresses? There are 2 options: Option 1: Standard for all orders When the dresses are delivered for your event you will try them on. You will receive the dresses asap and choose one to have re-delivered for the event. This service is? How many dresses can I try on? There is a limit of 3 dresses per order. With some of the large dresses with lots of material this could be limited to 1 or 2.

We will deliver them to you and after you try them on you will tell us which one you have decided to wear for your event. You will then keep all of the dresses until after the event and return them in the same box. Once we receive them back we will refund you for the dresses which you did not wear. When will my dresses be delivered? When you select your event date, you can view your delivery and return date. We always send an email the day that the dresses are dispatched, so you know that your dress is on its way.

Your dress will never just turn up un-announced! Where does GMD deliver to? Can my delivery address be different to my billing address?

At the checkout stage you can choose both the individual delivery and biling address. How much does delivery cost? Standard delivery within the United Kingdom is? This is for delivery and return all included. Same Day delivery within central London is? What payment methods does Girl Meets Dress accept? How private is the personal information I give to you kept?

Please be assured that we consider all the information you share with us totally private and confidential. At no point will we share your personal information. Is it safe to use my credit card online at Girl Meets Dress? At Girl Meets Dress, your personal online security is important to us. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system provided by Paypal and consequently you are guaranteed the best security available.

How do I return my dress? Returning the dresses you have enjoyed is quick and easy. Simply pack the items in their original packaging, stick the pre-paid return label provided, and fill out the returns form enclosed. Drop your box at the local Post Office. No additional fees or postage will be needed. Please ensure you keep your receipt safe as this is your proof of postage. Can I ask for style advice or ask questions about specific dresses before I order?

Yes, you can contact our style advisors any time if you have any questions about sizing, trends, colours etc: enquiries girlmeetsdress. Not to worry! Our fashion-savvy customer service team will ensure you find a perfect dress that will fit like a glove and will make you look Cannes-Film-Festival-worthy as they know how all our dresses feel, fit, and have suggestions on how to accessorize.

Our stylists understand our fears, our concerns, our insecurities and what we want to look like. And just when you thought GMD could not get any better, there is no fee you for their expertise; it is all part of our service because here at GMD our mission is to help you look your best so you dont have to worry about anything else but having an unforgettably great experience at your upcoming event. Part of our service is providing you with the best retail experience possible so feel free to contact the Girl Meets Dress team with any questions you might have.

We can help you with just about anything from advice on fit and body shape suggestions, to assistance with tracking your order. The best way to contact us is by e-mail: enquiries girlmeetsdress. This week, Retail Week published a feature about the current rental market, including quotes from our Founder Anna.

Against this backdrop, where do retailers stand? Instead of buying a record, we stream our music through Spotify. Rather than purchasing a car, many of us are content with relying on Zipcar for occasional road trips or booking a cab on Uber. DVDs have been disregarded in favour of gorging boxsets on Netflix. This kind of behaviour is on an upward trajectory and is infiltrating many sectors, including furniture and clothing. Enter Ikea.

Last month the retailer revealed plans to lease furniture, starting with office furniture such as desks and chairs to business customers in Switzerland, as part of a wider company strategy to create a fully circular business by Launching this summer, customers will be able to choose how long they keep the product and receive a discounted rate if they decide to keep it. Does this mean renting furniture will become the norm? We are starting to place real value in experiences, and renting gives us a lot more options there.

Thompson says customers come to Harth for a variety of reasons: it might be a practical solution for a short-term need; they might desire a major statement piece; or they simply fancy a seasonal refresh. And although our approach is still very unique there are more and more brands getting into this space now. However, WGSN senior editor Petah Marian believes renting furniture requires a shift in attitude to really take off and also questions the practicality of multiple ownership.

It will need to be designed for longevity and durability. Of course, across some sectors, renting is nothing new. This is a growth area. Anna Bance set up Girl Meets Dress, which offers access to 4, designer dresses and accessories from more than designers for a fraction of the price, in People are becoming more ethically aware of their environmental footprint.

But Girl Meets Dress made it accessible and sustainable. But what does it mean for the brands which potentially lose a customer spending at least five times as much at full price?

We hook them. We also get approached by lots of smaller new brands, launching a collection and wanting the feedback. Alibaba certainly thinks clothing rental is the future. Rent the Runway was founded in and today has 10 million members and five physical stores. Now, our most engaged subscriber is wearing a rental days a year. To make the process of renting even more convenient, last autumn the retailer launched standalone drop-off boxes across the lobbies of 15 WeWork spaces. If the future is rental, how will that impact retailers?

Some are keen to dive in. Young fashion retailer Little Mistress plans to launch a renting service by the end of the year. Is he concerned that it may cannibalise sales? In time it will prove profitable in many areas and will breed returning customers.

While Ashton is targeting a more high-end market, analysts are unconvinced that rental will work across lower price points. Saunders believes that renting works best across two areas. This means areas like furniture will probably see more renting over the next few years. What works less well is everyday items like basic apparel or simple homewares.

Still, Saunders is cautious about retailers throwing themselves into this new burgeoning area. Rental needs to be carefully managed, he says. If it simply cannibalises non-rental sales from existing customers, then it is dilutive to margins and profits. Volumes could also be undermined, which would impact economies of scale and profits.

Admittedly, renting is only going to be a very small part of their business for a while, but if it starts to grow and become bigger then it will arguably become problematic. But retailers should be prepared for change.

Learn more. Designer A-Z. Instaglam Ask Our Style Advisors.


Girl Meets Dress founder Anna Bance was among the first speakers, insisting on the importance of being an adaptive retailer. Indeed, the term adaptive is almost one of those buzzwords that get thrown around in business without ever really meaning much, however, Bance has truly demonstrated the essence of being adaptive with Girl Meets Dress. Offline hire of dresses had been in operation since the s, she said, but there was no online offering with a next-day delivery.

It was summer in Sydney when I packed for London fashion week. Where were the sleek Ellery blazers?

These are external links and will open in a new window. The BBC's Circular Economy series highlights the ways we are designing systems to reduce the waste modern society generates, by reusing and repurposing products. This week we look at whether we will be renting our clothes instead of buying them in future. Earlier this year a rather surprising marketing video went viral in China.

How Girl Meets Dress is capitalising on the demise of ownership

Anna Bance is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a trailblazer of the fashion rental market. Her website, set up a decade ago, offers women the ability to rent high-end designer fashion for a fraction of the retail price. In the past couple of years there has been an explosion in start-ups offering fashion rental but Bance saw the opportunity earlier than most. You were very early onto the fashion rental scene; how did you identify a gap in the market? When Girl Meets Dress launched in the recession mindset dominated. But it was also clear that people had started to realise that experience and time are the most precious commodities we have, and that consequently ownership is becoming more irrelevant than ever before. I feel incredible validation now that mainstream retail and brands believe rental is a key part of the revenue mix.

Will we soon be renting rather than buying our clothes?

Fleiss stepped down from an executive role in the company in March to pursue other projects. Hyman and Fleiss foresaw the rise of the sharing economy 10 years ago. Since then Airbnb, Uber and Spotify have become global brands. And with Millennials leading the shift in consumer preference to experiences and access instead of ownership, it is perhaps no surprise that the average Rent the Runway customer is 29 years old.

The road to happily-ever-after has many twists and turns, especially when an arrogant, sexy alpha billionaire is involved.

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A hire purpose: the opportunities in rental fashion

Does GMD have a shop to visit? No, we are purely an online rental boutique and we don't have a physical location where you can come and try on dresses. All products are delivered to you.

Does GMD have a shop to visit? No, we are purely an online rental boutique and we don't have a physical location where you can come and try on dresses. All products are delivered to you. When do I place my order? There is no specific time in which you have to place your order before your event. If could be 3 months before, or 3 days.

Why Rental Is The Future Of Fashion

The way organizations manage entrepreneurship has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today, organizations take account of economic issues, but they also adopt a broader perspective of their purpose including social and environmental issues i. Yet, despite its global spread, sustainable entrepreneurship remains an uncertain and poorly defined ambition with few absolutes. This book reaffirms the important need to improve comprehension and explore the subtleties of how individuals, groups, and organizations can discover, create, and seize opportunities for blended value generation, by designing and operating sustainable ventures. It examines, in an interdisciplinary fashion and across sectoral and geographical boundaries, how entrepreneurial activities can be developed to be generally consistent with sustainable development goals, as well as by whom, for what reasons, and with what implications. The Editors comprehensively review key dimensions of the sustainable entrepreneurship phenomenon to establish an essential definition and up-to-date picture of the field.

like Rent the Runway and Girl Meets Dress, have developed a business model by new experiences, and brands reap the benefits of predictable commercial-awnings.comsco J. Martínez-López.

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Telling the truth about SME life today

Girl Meets Dress uses 8 email formats, with Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Girl Meets Dress employs employees. Power up your marketing and get people to pay attention to your business, pursuit, or clients.

The Interview: Anna Bance, Founder & CEO, Girl Meets Dress

Ahead of the Activate London Summit , Anna Bance, co-founder of Girl Meets Dress, spoke to us about how the online fashion rental service is riding the wave of collaborative consumption as people increasingly value experience and time over ownership. Girl Meets Dress is a disruptive e-commerce business with a mission to democratise luxury — believing that everybody deserves a Cinderella experience. We provide millions of women with the ability to rent designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.



Analysis: Where do retailers stand in the rental revolution?



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