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How to find an affectionate woman

Your wife, like every other woman, is an affectionate and sexual creature by nature. However, like flowers in a garden, these dimensions of her personality can fully blossom only in a healthful environment. The ideas below will help you to provide such an environment. For a woman, sexual attraction is based on relationship. Your wife will be more inclined to feel sexual desire for you if you have developed a solid spiritual and emotional relationship with her.

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Help Your Wife to be Verbally and Physically Affectionate

You have slipped into being neutral around her, rather than being masculine and making her feel girly in your presence. As a result, you and her feel more like friends than a man and wife who are attracted to each other and excited about being in love with each other. You have done things that have caused her to lose respect and attraction for you over the past few months or years and she no longer feels that kind of spark with you. If you have been turning her off e. You have been too serious in your interactions with her and there is no longer enough laughter and humor between you to make her feel comfortable about being affectionate.

She feels uptight around you rather than happy, positive and relaxed. The reason why is that the amount of attraction that your wife will feel for you on a day to day basis, is pretty much within your control.

So, the question is: Have you been actively making your wife feel attracted to you as a man, or have you slipped into taking her feelings of attraction for granted? In most cases, the wife will only begin to consider leaving after she opens herself up to flirting with other guys e. She might not stray immediately, but if the spark has long since died at home and her husband is blaming her for it, she might seek to feel happy and attracted around other men. Have you ever seen those married couples who, after decades of being together, are still madly in love, affectionate and happy to be around each other?

What is possible for couples is that every year of a relationship or marriage can actually feel better, bring more happiness and bring you closer together. That really is possible and at the end of the day, that is what a relationship is all about anyway. You should be better off with each other than you would be on your own or with someone else. The novelty of being married is emphasized by the physical affection they share with each other.

They hold hands, even when at home alone watching TV, they touch and hug often and the sex happens spontaneously, often and in many rooms around the house.

The couple makes time for each other, compliments each other, makes an effort to do nice things for each other and both generally try to show the other person how lucky they feel to be married to him or her.

Yet, as the thrill of the first year wears off, life slowly creeps in and other things, like work, bills, paying the mortgage, running a household, possibly having a child or more , etc. Although a woman will take on the responsibility in some cases or some of the time, she will usually just wait for you to take the lead and make her feel the that way she wants to feel. If your wife is not being affectionate anymore, it could be because you have been making one or more of these mistakes….

Unfortunately, some guys buckle under the pressure of everyday life and they stop genuinely noticing their wife and showing interest in the efforts she makes to be a good wife, look good for her husband, keep a neat and tidy home, cook all his favorite foods, take care of the children, etc.

Women can leave a marriage if they want to. She knows that you will find other women attractive and she wants to know that you still look at her as the sexiest woman on Earth. Another example is letting her down or changing your plans with her at the last minute and just expecting her to keep putting up with that type of treatment. Playing hard to get works with women in the dating stages, but in a marriage, you actually have to care about your wife and her feelings.

A woman will always test you to see how much she can get away with and to see whether or not you are still the man or the one wearing the pants in the relationship. If you let your wife boss you around and step all over your feelings, needs and wants, she will naturally lose respect for you as a man.

Women are sexually attracted to confident men who are mentally and emotionally strong and who can, and will, continually take the lead in a relationship. When a husband gives in to whatever his wife wants because he is fearful of losing her, she naturally loses respect for him and when that happens for long enough, she loses touch with her feelings of attraction for him. However, if when they get married, he begins to use her and the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential in life, she will feel turned off by him, annoyed by him, betrayed by him and disappointed in him.

A woman wants to feel proud of her man. She wants to be able to feel safe in the knowing that her man will continue to push forward to create a better life for himself, her and any offspring they have. From now on, make an effort once per day to notice her and genuinely complement her about how she looks, or for cooking a nice meal.

Mean what you say, rather than just saying it without emotion or authenticity. Ensure that unless it is absolutely necessary, you keep all your promises to her and try to place her needs before things that can be placed second. Once a week, tell her what you are grateful for about her as a wife and a lover yes, even a lover. Find a way to put a positive spin on it. Giving off positive vibes and being in a good mood will help to create a more loving environment, allowing her to become more open and interested in being more affectionate towards you.

Okay, I hope that helps and if you need any more help, I hope that you check out my programs on relationships here at The Modern Man.

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How to Give a Woman Affection

If Joe Biden isn't qualified to be president of the United States then literally no one is. No, I'm not talking about his politics. While he looks like a right-winger compared to many of his Democratic brethren running, the policies he supports are still too liberal for me. I'm talking about having the character and experience to be qualified to hold the office. He has both.

In a relationship, one way in which to show a woman that you truly care about her is by giving her affection. Affection is all about the little things that can make a woman feel truly appreciated. For many men, it can be very difficult to open up emotionally and to engage in affectionate behaviors.

They don't know what to say. Of course guys feel love. But they express it differently. Why don't most men just come out and tell us the way they feel? In my years spent as a therapist, I've learned that love can make men feel vulnerable, childlike and unable to do what's expected of them, especially those who believe they're functioning in a dog-eat-dog world.

Joe Biden is an affectionate man. Get over it

These partners view the world from a logical and often impersonal perspective and relationships are no exception. Not surprisingly, it can be difficult for their caring, warm, and more sensitive Feeling F counterparts to understand lovers who rarely show emotion, let alone affection. It can be tricky to navigate the meaning of the subtle signs that these partners leave like bread crumbs on your dates, but once you understand how this type of partner shows affection, you will find an abundance of love in those crumbs. Holding hands is out of the question. Holding hands is not practical. It slows people down, throws people off balance, and forces couples to walk in cadence. They are as cuddly as a cactus. On the rare occasions that these partners want to cuddle, their embrace is perfectly warm, loving, and peaceful.

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

You have slipped into being neutral around her, rather than being masculine and making her feel girly in your presence. As a result, you and her feel more like friends than a man and wife who are attracted to each other and excited about being in love with each other. You have done things that have caused her to lose respect and attraction for you over the past few months or years and she no longer feels that kind of spark with you. If you have been turning her off e.

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Men Like Women Who Show Affection. Seriously.

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Get expert help with boosting affection in your relationship. Click here to chat online to someone right now. Affection is something that many people seek from a relationship, but it can also be very difficult for some. What is affection? For the most part, affection is showing someone that you care through physical interactions, such as hugging, holding hands, and kissing.

4 simple (but surprising) ways men express their love

When you and your partner are first starting out, it's easy to get carried away with emotions. Once time has passed and you have been together for quite sometime, there are probably a few things that you can do to improve your long-term relationship. One of them being more affectionate with your partner. They hate how their relationship has become a routine. They wish that their partners would take them out on dates more, surprise them with gifts, or tell them how much they mean to them.

You being too physical or “affectionate” in the first couple dates, makes my guard go up b/c I've been in sticky “situations” I've had to get out of. Every woman has.

I love this. Men respond to women who show their physical interest in them on a first date. Women are turned off by men who show their physical interest on a first date.

My Wife is Not Affectionate Anymore

Physical affection is what separates an intimate relationship from a platonic one. It's a vital part of the equation that brings people closer together, along with trust, healthy boundaries , and honest conversation. But too much affection at the beginning of a relationship can be a red flag.

There often comes a time in a relationship where you realize that your girlfriend is no longer affectionate. She used to be, but now she no longer expresses love and tenderness. This might happen at any point and at any time in the relationship. The following is based on real incidents names have been changed :.





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