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How to find the mystery man in fallout shelter

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How do I find the mysterious stranger?

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Fallout Shelter Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. When you hear that "bwiiingg" quickly resize the window a few pizels back and forth. This allows you to have X-Ray vision. Try it! Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. Ryuu View Profile View Posts. Except most people play in fullscreen. Gladi8er65 View Profile View Posts. Just freaking scroll all over the place.

Also, check elevator first, i happen to spot him very quickly even before the music kick in. Going through floors by row. Top to Bottom Bottom to Top is faster in my opinion. Also if u afraid drag dwellers around click on elevator rows. Shryce View Profile View Posts. Doesn't work for me.. I resize.. Last edited by Shryce ; 6 Apr, am. Originally posted by Gladi8er65 :. Keba View Profile View Posts. Just zoom in anywhere once the que start.

If you were fast enough, you'll hear where the audio que is comming from and find him easily. If you are using headphones, that is. Use headset if you got one Originally posted by Brulis Qc :. Last edited by DeadlyPaperCut ; 6 Apr, pm. Hrm - didn't realize it was double posted.

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Mysterious Stranger (character)

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Let us help you! Here we will show you where to find the mysterious stranger in your vault and the rewards it brings.

Further Reading. Scroll down and see how deep your vault can run, however, to see how much room there is to expand as your population booms. Because rooms max out at three across, always leave space for them to expand. Extending the initial elevator directly down leaves you room for three-wide rooms on either side. Rooms require more power to operate the farther they are from a power plant, so be sure to space your reactors out evenly to maximize their efficiency.

Section 5: Breeding

The Mysterious Stranger is the individual that may appear if the player character has the Mysterious Stranger perk. They lend a helping hand in battles. In speech, the Drifter will state that his father was a "mysterious" man, and that he was a "stranger" to his own family. The word mysterious appears right above stranger in the dialogue box. The Drifter carries a unique. As of Fallout 4 , the Mysterious Stranger is currently being investigated by Nick Valentine , who has made note of his several appearances in other games of the series, and attempts to apprehend him when he appears. There is a chance that Mysterious Stranger will appear as a temporary ally during random encounters. The Mysterious Stranger will appear out of nowhere to assist in battle by finishing off enemies. After the V.

When will mysterious stranger start appearing in a new vault?

First up I highly recommend a decent pair of headphones or earbuds as you'll need to be constantly listening for a piano tone within the game itself. Keep in mind he'll only appear when everything is calm, so don't worry about him appearing during a deathclaw attack or rad roach infestation. Once you've heard the sound effect though, you'll have roughly seconds to locate him within your vault, if you failed to find him you'll hear another piano tone play and he'll disappear. Fear not though, he tends to re-appear every few minutes. I also highly recommend keeping the camera panned all the way out, so you can scroll through your vault quicker and so the vault dwellers and the mysterious stranger himself will appear two dimensional.

Temperance Brennan and the rest of her team being forced to remain at the Jeffersonian Institute over the Christmas holiday.

I have a quest to find the nysteriomy stranger three times. I have never come across this guy before and I have been playing for about 4 hours now. Where can I find this guy? I am trying to get all of the trophies and achievements.

Keep Calm and Find the Mysterious Stranger Case & Skin for Samsung Galaxy

You have a Guardian Angel, but with a deadly hand-cannon instead of wings. Meet the Mysterious Stranger, an odd and eldritch entity said to appear and aid you in combat before you draw your dying breath. Of course, it helps to have the Mysterious Stranger Perk first The Mysterious Stranger is the individual that might appear if you have the Mysterious Stranger perk.

A: Yes, but you have limited control. Basically, it checks the "primary" stats of the parents first. Whatever stat or stats if tied is highest for a parent is considered their primary stat, and outfits are not included in this case. Taking the primary stats of both parents into account, it then makes the highest stat of the child one of the primary stats of one of the parents. For example, if you breed a father with 5 strength and a mother with 3 agility and 3 luck, the child has an equal chance of having their highest stat be S, A, or L.

The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Your vault is ticking over nicely, little John is making a laser rifle despite only being born two days ago and you have an abundance of food and water. Everything is peaceful. But then the Mysterious Stranger shows his face and you go into a panic trying to find him before time runs out. The bigger the vault, the more he seems to hang around, which keeps players on a level field. View all posts by Sian Bradley. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Jun 11, - In this guide, I'll be explaining how you can find the illusive “Mysterious Stranger” in Fallout Shelter. First up I highly recommend a decent pair of.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! When will mysterious stranger start appearing in a new vault?

Fallout Shelter's new update 1. Check out all the details of the latest update for the hit iOS and Android mobile game by Bethesda below. It also allows users to play the same game from a variety of different devices.

Updates and new features have kept the game relevant for all these years. This Fallout Shelter guide covers everything from ideal Vault layouts to resource and inventory management, so be sure to check out the full list! The first item on our list of Fallout Shelter tips has to do with one of the most stressful parts of the early-game: raider attacks.





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