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How will me and my boyfriend baby look

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People just cannot help it—they love to predict who a baby will look like. Will she have her mother's eyes and her father's hair? Will he be tall or short? Will she look exactly like Mom or nothing at all?

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What will my baby look like? ( actual generator :P)

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Both my husband and I have brown eyes. Does that guarantee us a dark-eyed child? No, it doesn't. Two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed baby.

In fact, though less common, the reverse is also possible: two blue-eyed parents could get a brown-eyed baby. Thus, more blue pigment could trump less brown, or a variation such as hazel might emerge.

It's not so much that genes are dominant and recessive but that they have stronger and lesser effects, says Robin Bennett, a genetic counselor at the University of Washington Medical Genetics Clinic, in Seattle.

Now we know that sometimes they both do. My husband's blond hair pales next to my bright-red locks. Will our baby inherit my bolder color? No guarantees, of course, but you might indeed get another carrot-top if there's a redhead on your husband's side; if not, your striking color will stand out alone in the family though you might get a strawberry blond.

In fact, only 1 to 2 percent of people have fiery red hair plus fair, freckled skin and pale eyes -- the classic color combo is part of that genetic package. The gene could be carried invisibly through the generations, later surprising two blond or dark-haired parents.

Meanwhile, your children could have vastly different heads of hair. Which is why it's hard to answer the classic "What will my baby look like? Consider Lisa Shenton's two boys: "Our 4-year-old, Cole, has pale skin and bright-red hair—just what my husband looked like at that age.

Our second son, Luke, age 2, looks exactly like me: olive skin and dark eyes," says the Farmington Hills, Michigan, mom. I grew up envying other kids' cute dimples. Is it possible my baby might have them? Yes, if your partner has a dimpled grin, or if it's in the background of one of your families. Likewise, your child stands to inherit your or your partner's freckles, cleft chin, cowlick, widow's peak, rolling tongue, even hairy earlobes. Of course, you can't pick and choose what comes in the genetic package.

Turns out, those baby picture generators only show you one possible outcome among many. Will one tall parent and one short parent produce kids somewhere in the middle? Generally, yes. The rule of thumb is to take the parents' average height and then add 2 inches for a boy and subtract 2 inches for a girl.

Not surprisingly, two tall and two short parents tend to have tall and short kids, respectively. But rules are made to be broken. Height is a polygenic trait—no one gene acts alone—plus, environmental factors such as poor nutrition could prevent a child from reaching his or her potential height. I've struggled with my weight my entire life, and so has my partner.

Have we doomed our children to be fat and have all the health problems that go with it? Some families are indeed more likely to pack on pounds. That still doesn't mean your family is fated to be fat. It seems to me that smart people have smart kids and athletes breed athletes. Do these children really have a natural edge? But the parents don't just hand down high IQs—they also encourage a love of learning.

You don't need money and lots of formal education. Likewise, musical giftedness—notably, perfect pitch—seems to be in the genes, but researchers say it needs to be nurtured early on with training, ideally before age 7. Making the necessary connections in the brain sooner in life allows the natural ability to blossom rather than lie dormant. Of course, music lessons are not a lost cause for the child of tone-deaf parents—but a prodigy is unlikely.

The same "use it or lose it" message applies to athletic ability, another inherited trait: a natural athlete won't become a powerhouse by just lounging around.

Again, there's no sports-specific gene; rather, individual factors predispose a child to, say, run a marathon versus the yard dash.

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BabyMaker - What Will Your Baby Look Like?

Pick any two parents, and see their baby. Make A Baby analyzes the facial characteristics of the selected parents to predict a baby using the parents' features. Try it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friends! Create personalized, unique babies every time: Make a Baby uses facial blending to predict hilariously accurate baby faces.

Also upload a clear front facing picture of mother Our online service is free. Sign up is not required.

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What Will My Baby Look Like?

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Baby Maker: predicts baby face xyCore Entertainment. Add to Wishlist. Find out how your future baby would look like! We offer you the newest intriguing application BabyMaker that analyzes two given faces and instantly produces an image of your cute baby. Have fun making babies by choosing age, complexion and gender with easy-to-use app! Just follow three steps to get the result: 1. Tap the heart beating button to start.

How Will My Baby Look Like? With Pictures!

Find out how your and your partner's future baby will look like!!! This app is only entertainment purposes. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within hours prior to the end of the current period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Both my husband and I have brown eyes.

Go to www. This is what I got : www. The first pic actually kinda looks like him now :.

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As expectant parents, we bet you've often wondered how your baby will look like! Soft skin, dreamy eyes, chubby cheeks--well, well, it's time to help you make the big reveal. Created by: neha.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Predict how your future baby would look like with the newest technology of artificial intelligence!

Welcome to!

Please leave empty:. Blue or gray. Green or hazel. Light brown or golden. Dark brown or black. Comments

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What Will Our First Baby Look Like?

MakeMeBabies is a baby generator using face recognition to predict what your baby will look like. Upload your photo, your partner's photo and make a baby in seconds! You can also make babies with our listed celebrities or send baby invites to your friends. Couples spend hours discussing what their baby would look like.

How Your Baby Will Look Based on Genetics






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