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What are the most important qualities you look for in a friend and why

Sometimes, it can be difficult to peg down the good characteristics of a best friend. Friendship isn't always easy and sometimes the best thing one friend can do for another is an unpopular decision. Other times, a good friend seems to be anyone who is fun. While friendship might not be simple, there are a few traits of a good friend that every teen should keep in mind.

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10 Very Important Qualities a Good friend must have

Man is a social being. We all need people in our everyday life to talk with, share our joys, sorrows, views etc. Besides, the people of our family, we go out and interact with people every day.

And some people, we like are called as our friends. Friends make life beautiful and worth living. They add a certain kind of spark of life. You can talk to your friends about each and everything; share your deepest secrets and even your stupid little everyday stories. We make friends throughout life, in play school, school, college, office, just everywhere. As we grow through different phases in life, we meet new people and make new friends and do not necessarily give up on old friends.

It all depends on how strong the bond of your friendship is. Friends are always there to guide and support you through the ups and downs of your life. They are the people who are always there to lend a helping hand to you. I personally feel that friends are the biggest strength of a person. There is a special bonding we have with each of our friends. Sometimes, I find no difference between my friends and family. Yes, my friends are my family, not by blood relation, but by heart.

Friends come and go and in life, but what is important is that how long friendship lasts. Sometimes, it may be a few months, a few years or sometimes forever. Everybody wants friends to be in their life forever. Yes, sharing is indeed one of the qualities your best friends should have. You should be able to share each and everything with each other. Little kids share their crayons, toys. Elders share their joys, sorrows, opinion.

Not only share of opinion, best buddies share things too! Like clothes, accessories, notes, books, chocolates, coffee, you and your best friend should not hesitate or have second thoughts about sharing these things with each other. Because after all, sharing is caring. Your friend should be able to lend you little things which you urgently need. It is therefore rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. No one ever wants their friends to bitch about them behind their back.

That is just so very disgusting. Friendship is a very special bond which stands on the pillars of trust and loyalty. You should be able to share your deepest secret with your best friend without the fear of the secret being leaked.

A true friendship is a one where you can trust each other and know that your friend will always be loyal to you. A best friend should be a one who guides you to the right path, knows what is good and what is bad for you. A friend should be always be there to advice on as little things as deciding what to wear for the party next week and on big things such as deciding what career move or what college is best for you.

Your friend should never ever hesitate to advice you on your personal or professional matters. After all, for most of the people, friends are the first one whom they approach for advice. The right friends and the right advice from them makes life so much better! For all those sad and gloomy days when we are feeling low, a best friend is always ready to listen to our problems.

Of course, your friend would not surely have all the solutions or answers to your problems or what to do next. But, they give you a sense of belonging that you are not alone and they are always there for you. A good friend is a one in front of whom you can pour your heart out without any hesitation. And also, they listen with interest keeping their phones aside, just concentrating on you at that time.

Having a friend who is selfless and sees nothing when it comes to helping you, then I tell that you have the right friend, buddy! A good friend is the one who is always ready to help you in the difficult phase of your life without expecting anything in return. They make your problems their own and act accordingly in a way which they feel is the best for you.

Nothing can beat spending quality time with your best friend full of hilarious jokes, giggles and laughter. Friends add happiness to life. They are always ready to cheer you up when you are sad by making stupid faces, telling lame jokes, tickling you and what not!

They make you forget all your problems and add colors to your life. My life is so very unimaginable without my friends! A best friend is the one who knows you like no one else in the world does.

You people can literally talk through expressions without saying a word. You two look at something or someone and instantly know what the other is thinking and then share an evil smile.

They know you so well that you cannot hide anything from them. They will notice even the slightest change in your expressions and will instantly know that something is wrong with you. It is human nature to have difference in opinion and views sometimes resulting in disputes.

Friends also fight, sometimes, a lot. I personally have indulged is so many fights with my friends, but the bond never broke down. Touch wood! You and your friend should have such a bond that no dispute can make you two grow apart. Rather, after each fight or misunderstanding, your bond should grow even stronger. I totally love straightforward people. Who would want diplomatic friends? Who would not want an honest opinion from their friends?

No one! Friends are the one whom we can trust and depend on easily. My friends act as my stylists, counselor, sisters and just everything! Shopping with them is so much fun. It is great to have people in life that are straightforward and know what is not good for me. I feel like I have people in my life that I can count on for anything.

Your best friend knows you very well and would never judge you on your mistakes or wrong decisions in the past. They will make you feel that you are never ever alone and will stand along with you all the way. Specific qualification, degree or skills is not necessary for this, just keyboard typing and a good working and reliable internet connection ….

Any Time limitations or boundations to start work is not required … You may do this work at any time when you willing to do it …. How I have been doing this? Gurleen Kaur.

11 Important Qualities of a Good Friend

Good friends are not really that hard to find as long as you know how to recognize them. The best people you can have as friends may vary and they have their own set of unique attitudes and personalities. They may be your funny classmate from your high school days or that thoughtful coworker who would always remind you to take it easy.

When it comes to friendships, you may be closer to some people than others, which is perfectly fine. Of course, there are several traits of good friends , and your closest ones probably have many of them.

Man is a social being. We all need people in our everyday life to talk with, share our joys, sorrows, views etc. Besides, the people of our family, we go out and interact with people every day. And some people, we like are called as our friends. Friends make life beautiful and worth living.

Characteristics of a Good Friend

Want to be a better friend? Click here to learn more. There are certain qualities that must be shared in order to form the bonds of good and true friendship. Thing is, good friends share. Even pain. A sense of identity creates amazing bonds. Their sense of individuality plays off your own, and even enhances areas in both of you that may have gone unnoticed before. And while dreams, goals, and temperaments are often similar, even the best symbiotic friendships know there are times when each individual must pull away to reflect and rejuvenate on their own.

25 Qualities Of A Good Friend




11 Qualities That Make A Good Friend, According To Experts


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Mar 23, - Here are 13 key personal traits that strongly influence friendship quality. It is important, them, to examine our own contribution to the dynamics of a friendship. by the first 5 traits on the list above, are related to core values held by most Take an honest look at your own behaviors and see if you need to.








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